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1969 Ford Torino Talladega Prototype

Ford Motor Company Administrative Services ordered this slick looking car as a special purpose vehicle on August 23, 1968. After being built in the Lorain, Ohio plant the car was released to Ford Motor Company Administrative Services on October 11, 1968, four months prior to the first production Talladega being built. It is one of two known prototypes built by Ford in 1968 and is believed to be the car used in the dealer brochure. Ford ended up selling it to NASCAR Hall of Fame legend, “Banjo” Matthews, in 1971.

This car is one of two Talladega’s ever built with Hood scoops, bucket seats or a console. It is also one of only three Talladega’s ever built with air conditioning. The engine in this ultra-rare muscle car is a Q-code 428 Cobra Jet non-ram air version. Ray was fortunate enough to acquire this piece of car history in February of 2013.