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1957 #4 Indy Roadster

Ray’s #4 1957 Indy roadster was originally built by Russell Snowberger in 1956 and is equipped with an Offenhauser 255 C.I. The Offenhauser 255 C.I. has been described as an alcohol-burning, flame-belching power plant.

Despite these tough descriptors and being driven by talented drivers such as Tony Bettenhausen, George Amick, and Tom Pistone, the car tried for the Indianapolis 500 but unfortunately fell short of qualifying 3 times. Although this car never made it at Indy, it finished well in many races including ones in Trenton, NJ and Milwaukee, WI.

Sadly, both Bettenhausen and Amick were killed in Roadsters during the course of their racing careers but neither in the #4 Indy Roadster. The boldness of both drivers lies within this fine blue and yellow Indy roadster.